VADA/Nova Year End Awards
For 1999

Schooling Show Awards

Introductory Level-Sr

1 George Vaught Friar Tuck 63.704
2 Holly Wilmoth Joshua’s Image 61.052

Training Level-Sr

1 Laurie Van Buskirk Victory at Sea 67.116
2 Kathleen Johnson Mama’s Secret 61.961
3 Michele Borzillo Satarn 61.760

Training Level-Jr

1 Karen Conk Favor the Bold 64.032
2 Samantha Kepler Alyse 57.059

First Level - Sr.

1 Louise Cottula Snoopin Around 63.477

Second Level-Sr.

1 Jessie Ginsburg Rhinecliff 58.000

Musical Freestyle

1 Jessie Ginsburg Rhinecliff 61.248 (2nd Level)

Recognized Show Awards

Training Level-Sr

1 Mary Lou Sullivan Murano 65.985
2 Tane Demo Barry Bold 61.670
3 Trisha DeRosa CFS Wolf 61.320

Training Level-Jr

1 Alix Hazel Gallant William 65.507
2 Jeanette Vaught Dallas 63.575
3 Kate Williams Gideon 61.988

First Level-Sr

1 Tiffany Catledge Jack No Ka Oi 62.641
2 Peggy Chase Amulet 58.592

First Level-Jr.

1 Erin Culhane Lombado 61.178

Second Level - Sr.

1 Martha Sue Ruess Hampton 62.173
2 Susan Zilke Inspiration 61.534

Second Level - Jr.

1 Amanda Chambers Gotta Love Me 60.28

Third Level-Sr.

1 Pascal Martin Lola 60.635

Prix St. Georges - Sr.

1 Andrea Martins Ad Infinitum 59.736
2 Susan Zilke Bacardi Rumm 58.953

Intermediare I - Sr.

1 Liz Olszyk Gucci  

Musical Freestyle (Pas De Deux)

1 Anita Scruggs
Ellen Simonetti
Bel Rambo
Afke E

1999 VADA/Nova Special Awards: Schooling Shows

The Saddlery Award

Laurie Van Buskirk on Victory at Sea - 68.100%

R. Joyce Little Award

Louise Cottula on Snoopin Around - 66.345%

High Point Seniors

Intro. Level - George Vaught on Friar Tuck - 70%

Training Level - Laurie Van Buskirk on Victory at Sea - 70%

First Level - Louise Cottula on Snoopin Around - 67.71%

Musical Freestyle - Jessie Ginsburg on Rhinecliff - (2nd L)- 64.58%

The Tack Box Schooling Awards High Point Junior

Training Level - Karen Conk on Favor the Bold - 67.2%

First Level - Samantha Kepler on Alyse - 64.117%

High Point Appaloosa Schooling Award

Kathleen McMannus on Longshot - 65%

High Point MFS Schooling Award

Kathleen McMannus on Longshot - 65%

1999 VADA/Nova Special Awards: Recognized Shows

High Score Appaloosa Award

Kathleen McMannus on Longshot - 69.875%

High Score Musical Freestyle Award

Kathleen McMannus on Longshot - 69.875%

Special Chapter Awards

VADA/Nova Challenger Award

Susan Hauck on Electra

VADA/Nova “Almost” Awards

Members who have completed their volunteer requirements, have ridden the highest test of the level, but lacking only one score to be eligible for year end awards.

Schooling Shows

Training Level

Jeanette Vaught on Dallas

Recognized Shows

First Level

Sue Isenberg on Palais

Wendy Holtz on Waltzing

Second Level

Jessie Ginsburg on Rhinecliff

Third Level

Sue Isenberg on Antibes

Prix St. George

Megan Maday on Flambeau

Alison Head on Maike