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VADA/Nova Schooling Shows
Upcoming Events
VADA/Nova Licensed Shows
Upcoming Events
VADA/Nova Partner Shows

Schooling Shows

Prize Lists will be posted on the Calendar Events.

Volunteering is always appreciated.

Licensed Shows

Prize Lists will be posted on the Calendar Events.

Volunteering is always appreciated.

Partner Schooling Shows

Partner Shows are an added benefit to our members.

  • Extra shows that can help you qualify for the VADA/Nova Championship Show
  • Guaranteed L Grad Judges and quality facilities
  • Varied locations in our area, convenient for more barns

Partner Shows are run by groups and organizations outside of VADA/Nova in accordance with our standards. VADA/Nova would like to hear any feedback you have, or if you have a suggestion on a future Partner.

Partner Show Comments 

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General Information
General Information

For any questions, contact the Schooling Show Committee

Ribbons and Prizes

  • Classes will be pinned to sixth place. Championship classes will be pinned to eighth place.
  • A prize is awarded for first place. In championship classes, there is a prize for Champion and Reserve Champion.
  • A high score ribbon will be awarded at each schooling show to the highest scoring ride of the day, excluding USDF Introductory level and musical freestyles. 


  • Classes may be split or combined depending on the number and distribution of entries. 
  • Classes may be scheduled in any order throughout the day and do not go in any specific order. 


All tests will be in a standard size arena (20m x 60m) unless otherwise noted. 


VADA/Nova Schooling Shows hosted at Morven Park allow LEASHED dogs. 

Musical Freestyles

Please provide your own boom box for musical freestyles. 

Tests Offered

  • USDF Introductory Level Test A-C 
  • USEF Training Level thru Fourth Level Test 1-3 
  • Para-Equestrian TOC 
  • FEI Levels TOC 
  • USDF Musical Freestyle Training– 4th TOC 
  • FEI Musical Freestyle TOC 
  • USDF Pas de Deux TOC 
  • USEA Eventing Dressage Tests TOC 
  • USEF Western Dressage TOC
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Entry Information
Entry Information

Entries will be taken through they must include the USEF-VA Liability Waiver, Coggins, and payment. Members may upload their Coggins and Waiver through their Member Profile (Under More Member Options, select Attachments). Non-Members may email their Coggins and Waiver to the Show Secretary

Ride slots will be filled in the following manner in the order entries are received: 

  • VADA/Nova member entries received before the closing date.
  • Non-member entries received before the closing date.
  • Any available slots will be filled with entries received after the closing date in order of date received regardless of membership status.

Entry Limitations

  • Riders are limited to four rides per show unless the show is undersubscribed. Please contact the show secretary to place additional rides/horses on a wait list pending close of entries. 
  • Horses competing Intro and Training level may be entered in a maximum of four (4) tests at each show across all riders. 
  • Horses competing 1st through Grand Prix may be entered in a maximum of three (3) tests at each show across all riders. 

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Show Rules
Show Rules

VADA/Nova requires MANDATORY COMPLIANCE with the following rules. Violation of these rules may result in action being taken by the show manager and the VADA/Nova Board of Directors. 

  • All VADA/Nova Schooling Shows are run under the dressage rules of USEF unless otherwise specified.
  • Approved protective headgear must be worn whenever mounted; other USEF attire rules for dressage are optional. 
  • All horses on the show grounds must have a bridle number and must always wear their bridle number when on the show grounds. This applies to horses that are brought as non-competes as well as those competing.
  • Anyone riding a horse at a VADA/Nova event for any purpose must report such activity to the show secretary and sign a VADA/Nova release form before mounting any horse for any purpose on the show grounds.  
  • Any horse entering the show grounds for any purpose (including non-competes) during a show must have a valid, current negative Coggins test submitted to the show secretary either with the entry or presented on the day of the show.
  • Fly masks, Martingales, bearing or running reins, seat covers, and any form of blinkers are forbidden at VADA/Nova Schooling Shows.
  • Running Martingales, bandages, boots, and side reins may be used in warm-up arenas but must be removed before entering the competition arena. 
  • Bareback riding is not permitted. 
  • A rider should not be judged by anyone who has instructed him/her within the last 30 days. If you arrive at the show and find that your instructor has been substituted for the judge, notify the show manager, and ask to ride Hors de Concours (HC) or request a full credit for your entry fees.  
  • Lunging is prohibited in the warm-up area. The show manager can indicate the areas where lunging is permitted on the show grounds.
  • Check your score before you the leave the show grounds. Any scoring errors must be reported and corrected before you leave. 

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Fees can be paid as indicated in the prize list, through (credit card preferred). Fees can also be paid in any combination of Credit Card, VADA/Nova Volunteer Bucks (please notify Secretary by email), or check payable to "VADA/Nova Inc."

Entry Fees are as follows:

  • Morven Park Grounds Fee (Required for each entry)- $20
  • VADA/Nova Member Test- $30
  • Non-Member Test- $40
  • Late Fee- $20
  • Non-Compete Horse- $20
  • Day Stall- $20

Refunds will be given in full for scratches prior to the Closing Date. NO refunds will be given for scratches after the closing date.

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Non-Compete Horses
Non-Compete Horses

The following policy will apply to any horses present on the grounds of a VADA/Nova managed schooling show that are not entered to compete in the show. This policy is implemented for the safety of competitors and for VADA/Nova’s insurance coverage. Note that this does not apply to horses boarded at the show facility. 

Riders seeking to bring a non-competing horse to the show grounds must:

  • Register with the show secretary in advance of the show day. Please note show management has the discretion to deny a request for a non-compete if show conditions warrant.
  • Submit a valid Coggins for the horse.
  • Submit a signed liability release form.
  • Pay the non-compete fee.
  • Pay the Morven Park grounds fee.
  • Ensure the horse wears the assigned bridle number.
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General Information
General Information

Prize List for each Licensed Show will contain Rules and Entry information.

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Partner Shows Roster
Partner Shows Roster

VADA/Nova is pleased to Partner with:

Beaux Reves

Hosted at Beaux Reves Equestrian (15929 Hampton Road, Hamilton, VA)

By Chance Farm

Hosted at By Chance Farm (9205 Bessie Clemson Road, Union Bridge, MD)

Compass Rose Farm

Hosted at Compass Rose Farm (2714 Logmill Road, Haymarket, VA)

Homestead Horse Farm

Hosted at Homestead Horse Farm (8382 Burwell Road, Catlett, VA)

Mitchell Dressage Series

Summer Series hosted at Southern Heritage Farm (11176 Rogues Road, Midland, VA)