Paypal Entries

Online Entry with Paypal

We now have implemented a system to allow entry for our schooling shows using Paypal.

This collects your entry form and payment on line. The show secretary will recieve a copy of the entry and the payment. You will still need to provide a current Coggins and a signed Liability Release through other means.

You can visit the VADA/Nova storefront at

There is a $5.00 convenience fee for entering on-line.  Other charges will be added depending on how many rides you have, membership and timeliness of your entry (like always).

If you intend to send volunteer bucks as part of your entry fee then you must do your entry the "old fashioned way" and use regular mail. At this time we cannot process PayPal and volunteer bucks together.

Your entry will not be complete until you send the Show Secretary a current copy of your horse's Coggins Test and a Liability Release (  You may send those via US mail or via email. The release requires at least a scanned signature.

For our purposes, a current Coggins is one that was taken less than a year from the date of the show.

If you wish to bring a non-compete horse, you can enter for that on line, but you need to get permission from the show secretary before entering.  Not all venues can accommodate extra horses.


Some things to note:


  • We may be able to expand the use of this sytem for clinic payments and other things as we become more experienced with it.
  • We are now also doing Membership payments with this system.
  • Because Paypal is handling your payment, we do not ever see or otherwise access any of your credit card or financial information. We really like that feature, and certainly you will too.