Browser hangs when downloading PDFs
Things you can try...

We have had many reports of problems downloading a few of our PDFs. We have spent a lot of time investigating the problem, and unfortunately there is nothing wrong with the PDFs or the website. If there were a problem on the website side of things, we could just fix it and move on.

You folks are on a wide assortment of PCs, Mac, iPads, smartphones and other platforms too numerous to mention. You use a vast collection of browsers and versions of those browsers. You all have different version of PDF readers. You have all kinds of arrangements for Virus Scanning and Internet Security. You get your Internet connections in many forms, bandwidths and through different providers. All of these things affect what happens when you try to download, open and read a PDF.

Basic Things That Improve the Odds

Most browsers, like Internet Explorer and Firefox, keep a list of the downloads you have made. Clear that list from time to time or your downloads will get slower and slower until they will hang more often than not. It also helps to do some computer housecleaning from time to time and delete old temporary files and detritus that tends to pile up.


For Adobe Reader on a Windows PC


Most reports of these problems concern using the Adobe Acrobat Reader on a Windows PC. If that is you, you can try this procedure:

  • Close your browser
  • Open Adobe Reader
  • Go to the 'Edit' Menu and select 'Preferences'
  • In the left column select 'Internet'
  • Uncheck 'Display PDF in browser'
  • Click OK and try to open the PDF again

That should allow you to open the PDF inside the browser.

Alternatively, you could try to download the PDF to your computer (RIGHT click on the link and "save link as") and then open the file that creates using your PDF reader.

Here is a link that discusses how to troubleshoot a PDF download.

We're sorry that there isn't some simple fix we can apply to the website, but this is a problem that exists on the computers of our readers and it is effectively beyond our control.