Date: ______________________


1. Are you a VADA/Nova member? YES ____ NO ____

2. Are you an active competitor at VADA/Nova shows?

____ Compete at licensed shows

____ Compete at schooling shows

____ Friend/relative of competitor

____ Other (specify) __________________________________________________

3. Why did you volunteer today?

____ To qualify for year end awards

____ To earn volunteer bucks

____ To contribute to the organization

____ Other (specify) __________________________________________________

4. How did you hear about this volunteer opportunity?

___ Newsletter ___ Website ___ Phone ___ Other (specify) ________________

5. How many days do you plan to volunteer this year for VADA/Nova?

______ 1 ______ 2 ______ 3 ________ 4 _______ 5+

6. What do you like most about volunteering for VADA/Nova?:

7. If there were one thing VADA/Nova could do to improve the volunteer experience, what would it be?:

8. Please share with us ideas on how to increase the volunteer pool, or other people you know who might be interested in volunteering :

9. We encourage you to share with us any other feedback about volunteering for VADA/Nova, or anything else about improving our organization:

If you would like a Board member to contact you to follow up with your concerns, please provide your name and contact information:

Name: ___________________________

Telephone Number: _______________________

Email Address: ________________________