The Northern Virginia Chapter of the Virginia Dressage Association ...

... would like to thank all those who volunteer for VADA/Nova. Without them, our activities would not be possible.


The success of our events is largely dependent upon the members and non-members who volunteer their time at all of the many shows, clinics, and other activities we offer throughout the year. Read here about the kinds of jobs our volunteers do.

Whenever someone volunteers at any of our shows or clinics, we want each volunteer to know how much we appreciate their efforts. We will provide:

  • As much as possible, an assignment based on your preference and experience
  • A job description to outline your responsibilities
  • On site training as needed
  • Breakfast, lunch, and drinks throughout the day
  • A special volunteer "Thank You" gift
  • “Volunteer Bucks” per the amount of time volunteered
  • The ability to audit clinics for free if 8 hours is earned in the preceding or current year.
  • Special “above and beyond” year end volunteer awards.Volunteer hours for pre-show setup and take down and the Friday of the June Licensed Show have double value (ex. 1/2 day worked = 1 day volunteer credit)
  • A chance to win a Gift Card in the VADA/Nova Show Volunteer Raffle held at each show
  • Eligibilty for the Volunteer of the year award.

Volunteer Opportunities

Anyone can volunteer at the following VADA/Nova events to meet VADA/Nova “Above and Beyond” and Year End Award volunteer requirements.  These are the only events that can be used to satisfy volunteer requirements for VADA/Nova. All dates are listed within the calendar list provided within this book and can also be found in the VADA/Nova calendar on the website.  Please refer to the VADA/Nova website for the Volunteer Coordinator contact information for each event. 

  • Annual Banquet
  • March Judges Forum
  • March Fix-a-Test Clinic
  • March Schooling Show
  • April Licensed Show
  • June Fix-a-Test Clinic
  • June Licensed Shows
  • VADA Chapter Challenge (2019 August Schooling Show)*
  • August Licensed Shows
  • November Schooling Show and Schooling Show Championship
  • Special Events/Activities announced during the year through our FaceBook page, website, e-blast or Newsletter.  These activities can include additional clinics, ring cleaning, mailing assistance etc. 

*Please note for the VADA Chapter Challenge you will have the option of obtaining VADA volunteer hours or VADA/Nova volunteer hours. 


Volunteer “Bucks” are awarded for each volunteer activity as follows:

  • $5.00 “bucks” for half day
  • $10.00 “bucks” for full day
  • Volunteer days for pre-show setup, take down and the Friday of the June licensed show have double value (ex. 1/2 day worked = 1 day volunteer credit and $10 Volunteer bucks)

Volunteer “Bucks”:

  • Have no expiration
  • Are not limited; Volunteers can earn as many “bucks” as they would like by volunteering as much as they would like!
  • Volunteer bucks can be redeemed at VADA/Nova schooling shows, partner shows and clinics
  • Volunteer bucks can be redeemed for VADA/Nova membership, VADA/Nova clinics, our annual banquet and advertising fees
  • Volunteer bucks can be redeemed for merchandise from various vendors (see www.vadanova.org for list)

Volunteer “Bucks” limitations:

  • Volunteer “bucks” cannot be used toward entry or other fees at licensed shows
  • Volunteer “bucks” are not valid at farm shows or clinics that are not associated with VADA/Nova


If you will be submitting for year-end awards,
You* must complete 1.5 days of VADA/Nova volunteer time!

* Hours must be completed by you or by someone else who gifts their time to you.

These vendors currently accept Volunteer Bucks: