Advertising in Piaffe and Passage
Display Ads and Classifieds

Information for Advertising in the VADA/Nova newsletter

(Updated 2020)


All ads and payment must be prior the 15th of the month for the following month’s issue. The newsletter usually arrives by the 1st of every month. It is also posted on the VADA/Nova web site.

The newsletter is produced at a copy center as opposed to a printer, which makes the photos just a bit grainy. It is done entirely in black and white.

Classified ads:

$15 - Must be a maximum of 40 words. The ad will be on the web site for 2 months and run in 2 issues of the newsletter. (will run for 2 months free for members)

Display ads:

The newsletter is 8.5” across and 11” down

  • Full page: $75 per issue. Allow a ½” margin on all sides.
  • Half page: $45 per issue. The ad should be designed to run horizontally ( 7.5” across and 5” down)
  • Quarter page: $25 per issue. The ad should be designed vertically (3.75” across and 5”down)

There is a 20% discount for full, half or quarter page ads which will run for 12 consecutive issues.

  • Business card: $60 for 12 issues. There is no discount on business cards

Ads may be sent in Word, Publisher, pdf or jpeg.

Word and Publisher work best for ads which are less than a full page as they need to be combined with other items on a page. Sometimes, in trying to transfer a pdf or jpeg into Publisher, some clarity is lost.

White text on a black or gray background does not reproduce well. When possible, try to use black text on a white background.

If photos are used they should be in black and white.

Checks should be made out to VADA/Nova Inc. We do not accept charge cards or PayPal.

For more information, contact:

Michelle Lachner
VADA/Nova Advertising
16560 Woodgrove Rd.
Round Hill, VA 20141