VADA/Nova Year End Awards
For 2004

Schooling Show Awards

Introductory Level-Sr

1 Joanne McAleer Starry Knight 71.185
2 Laurie Van Buskirk Aegis 63.839

Training Level-Sr

1 Melissa Zeller Owen 69.719
2 Michelle King Nikita 68.639
3 Patty Knight Ascot Spring 66.969
4 Kathy Mathers H. Bear 63.550
5 Bonnie Uyeda Devon 62.788
6 Kim Griffin Silver Lining 62.290

Training Level-Jr

1 Amber Post Tjibbe M 65.094
2 Libby Reidy Ridgetop Moya 63.837

First Level - Sr.

1 Karen Baillie Soccer 67.535
2 Anna Chochrane Jason's Prospect 61.623

Recognized Show Awards

Training Level-Sr

1 Heidi Storm Graham Phantasy 72.270
2 Michelle King Nikita 71.896
3 Alison Head Otte fan de Greidpleats 65.898
4 Alison Head Salizar 63.846
5 Alison Head Raposo 60.919

Training Level-Jr

1 Amber Post Tjibbe M 59.503

First Level-Sr

1 Barbara Cherry Livingston 68.861
2 Robin Damons Vienna Willow 67.265
3 Jeannette Leroux SPS Myrtle Mae


First Level-Jr.

1 Kara Santmyer At Liberty 67.460

Second Level

1 Laura Serkes Rosenstolz 65.834
2 Judi Coyne Magistrate 64.639
3 Liz Olszyk Wyncor 63.844

Third Level

1 Jim Koford Daylight 70.134
2 Liz Olszyk Orion 65.233
3 Jessie Ginsburg Levanto 63.429
4 Carolyn Jackson Salvador 62.454
5 Laura Whitford Riviera 62.056

Fourth Level

1 Heidi Storm Graham Olympus 66.399
2 Rhea Gibble Cappuccino 64.094
3 Holly Wilmoth Milazzo 60.688

Prix St. Georges

1 Candy Allen Tervet 67.188
2 Heidi Storm Graham Olympus 64.094
3 Holly Wilmoth Milazzo 60.688

Intermediare I

1 Candy Allen Tervet 66.313

Musical Freestyle

1 Jessie Ginsburg Levanto 67.787
2 Candy Allen Tervet 66.594
3 Judi Coyne Magistrate 65.677

Special Awards for 2004

The Saddlery in Great Falls Schooling Show Award

Joanne McAleer and Starry Knight

The Harmony Award-

Sponsored by Harmony Dressage & Combined Training Center

Melissa Zeller and Owen

High Score Musical Freestyle Award-

Sponsored by Leigh Ann Hazel-Grough and Hartsong Farm

Recognized shows: Kara Santmeyer and At Liberty

Challenger Award-

Sponsored by Mary Lou Sullivan

Junior: Megan Giusti and Socks

Mare Challenge-

Sponsored by Kristen Pagelsen

Heidi Storm Graham and Phantasy

Elder Statesman-

Sponsored by Kathleen Parkins

Schooling shows: Joanne McAleer and Starry Knight

Recognized shows: Wanda Silas and On Moonlight Bay

Lady Patrick Award-

Sponsored by Nancy Stover

Joanne McAleer and Starry Knight

Iberian Award-

Sponsored by Pamela Post

Alison Head and Salizar

Rite This Time-

Sponsored by Laureen Megan

Michelle King and Nikita

High Score Young Horse-

Sponsored by Fair Winds Farm

Jeannette Leroux and Diamonds R Forever

High Score Adult Amateur Award-

Sponsored by Lauden Farms/Laurie and Dennis Van Buskirk

Michelle King and Nikita

You will find a description and list of requirements for the preceding awards in your Green Book and on our website.