VADA/Nova Year End Awards
For 2000

Schooling Show Awards

Introductory Level

1 Bonnie Uyeda Devon  

Training Level

1 Stan Langston On Again  
2 Jenny Haight Jake  
3 Victoria Middleton Diego Q  
4 Melissa Palmer Escapade  
5 Connie Nicholson-Price Poetic Impression  
6 Amy Biddle August Moon  
7 Leslie Painter SK Shadow Dreamer  
8 Robin Walsh Fancy Face  

First Level - Sr.

1 Michelle Cappello Casa Blanca  
2 Michelle King Folderol  

Second Level

1 Jessie Ginsburg Rhinecliff  
2 Carolyn (Dilly) Jackson Calvados  

Musical Freestyle

1 Jessie Ginsburg Rhinecliff  
2 Trisha DeRosa CFS Wolf  

Recognized Show Awards

Training Level

1 Laura Whitford Daalny  
2 Melissa Palmer Escapade  
3 Trisha DeRosa CFS Wolf  
4 Jeanette Leroux Absolutely Perfect  
5 Ellen Simonetti Afke E  

First Level

1 Alix Hazel Gallant William  

Second Level - Sr.

1 Wendy Holtz Waltzing  
2 Sara Spofford Landsturm  
3 Alison Head Qualitraz  
4 Carolyn Jackson Calvados  
5 Shannon Pedlar Katrina  
6 Jessie Ginsburg Rhinecliff  

Third Level

1 Susan Zilke Inspiration  

Fourth Level

1 Susan Zilke Inspiration  

Prix St. Georges

1 Andrea Martens Ad Infinitum  

Intermediare I - Sr.

1 Alison Head Calhambeque  
2 Andrea Martens Ad Infinitum  


1 Amanda Chambers    

Musical Freestyle

1 Ellen Simonetti Afke E  
2 Jessie Ginsburg Rhinecliff  

Special Awards for 2000

The Saddlery in Great Falls

Stan Langston and On Again

R. Joyce Little-Four Star Trailer Award

Jenny Haight and Jake

Rite This Time Award

Peggy Chase

High Score Appaloosa Award

Trisha DeRosa and CFS Wolf

High Score Musical Freestyle

Jessie Ginsburg and Rhinecliff

Tack Box Schooling Show Award

Intro Level- Bonnie Uyeda and Devon

Training Level- Jenny Haight and Jake

First Level- Michelle King and Folderol

Second Level- Jessie Ginsburg and Rhinecliff

Challenger Award

Senior- Fiona Larsen

Junior- Megan Giusti

You will find a description and list of requirements for the preceding awards in your Green Book and on our website.