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2021 Board Of Directors & Associates

2021 Officers

President -Diann Carpenter
Vice President - Michelle Lachner
Secretary - Lisa Rice
Treasurer -Kathy Curtis

Board Members

To send email to our Board Members please send mail to:

Mary Callan
Diann Carpenter
Kathy Curtis
Jessie Ginsburg
Judy Grass
Anne Harrington
Kathy Hibbard
Sheli King
Michelle Lachner
Diann Landau
Maloree Razzino
Lisa Rice
Rachel Rice
Carol L. Thomas

VADA/Nova Mailing Address

VADA/Nova, Inc.
PO Box 398
Hamilton, VA 20159


Our Newsletter, Piaffe and Passage, is published monthly and is mailed to members who have requested a hard copy.  The current Newsletter and a full archive of previous Newsletters can also be found on the VADA/Nova website.  Please contact with any questions regarding the newsletter.


Our website contains the most up-to-date event information.  Please contact with any questions regarding the website.


Our FaceBook page is used to communicate event information and other information that is useful to our members.  FaceBook Messenger can be used to address questions regarding the FaceBook page.

VADA/Nova: The Northern VA Chapter of the Virginia Dressage Association

VADA/Nova Board Meetings

All VADA/Nova Board of Directors’ meetings are open to the general membership.  The Board welcomes visitors to the meetings but would appreciate advance notification of attendance if at all possible. Most meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:15pm at Morven Park International Equestrian Center (in the lounge/office) however, given weather conditions through the winter months we may elect to hold meetings via teleconference.  We will make every effort to publish the teleconference number on the VADA/Nova website in these instances.  There are also occasions where the date/time of the board meeting can be changed to accommodate planning for specific events such as licensed shows and clinics.  In the event of any changes to the standard board meeting date/time we will make every effort to provide advanced notification via the VADA/Nova website and/or FaceBook page.

Committees for 2020 (2021 is pending)

All Committees welcome VADA/Nova members as participants. Please call or write the chairs listed below to find out how you can help. Volunteer hours are offered for substantial committee work

Committee Chair listed in bold

Banquet and Silent Auction - Diann Carpenter, Sheli King, Mary Callan (Auction), Megan Carpenter, Anne Harrington.

Contracts - Michelle Lachner, Diann Carpenter, Jessie Ginsburg, Sheli King, Dilly Jackson.

Education & Clinics - Mary Callan, Anne Harrington, Diann Landau, Dilly Jackson, Jessie Ginsburg, Sheli King, Michelle Lachner, Diann Carpenter, Lisa Rice.

Elections and Surveys - Sheli King, Judy Grass, Carol Thomas.

Communications/ Publications: Diann Carpenter ,

  • IT & Website: Judy Grass
  • Social Media: Megan Carpenter, Rachel Rice, and Anne Harrington
  • Newsletter: Rachel Rice
  • Green book: Tiffany Turley, Diann Carpenter
  • Google Drive/Internal Communication: Megan Carpenter

Licensed Shows - Diann Carpenter,

  • Contracts/Sponsorship: Diann Carpenter
  • Finances: Dilly Jackson
  • TDs: Sheli King
  • Volunteers, Management, Contracts: Michelle Lachner
  • Hospitality: Nancy Stover
  • Management/ Secretary/ Vendors: Dianne Boyd *

Membership - Anne Harrington, Rachel Rice, Lisa Rice, Barb Pickering*

Schooling Shows -Carol Thomas, Diann Carpenter, Jessie Ginsburg, Megan Carpenter (Score tracking), Diann Landau (Ordering, Inventory, Equipment), Rachel Rice

Sponsorship/Fund Raising - Diann Carpenter, Sheli King, Tiffany Turley, Anne Jarrington, Diannd Boyd*.

Year-End Awards, Ribbons, Prizes - Anne Harrington, Megan Carpenter, Diann Carpenter, Sheli King (ordering), Michelle Lachner, Mary Callan

           * Denotes non-Board member

Past Officers of VADA/Nova (1987-present)

VADA State Board Representatives


Diann Carpenter, Jessie Ginsburg, Michelle King