Schooling Show Rules
For 2019

VADA/Nova Schooling Shows

General Rules

  • All shows are run under the general rules of the USEF unless otherwise specified
  • Approved Protective headgear must be worn whenever mounted. Otherwise the USEF attire rules for dressage are optional.
  • Horses must wear their bridle number at all times.
  • It is hoped that riders take pride in their turnout. Coats are encouraged, but not required. Plain white riding shirts or polo style shirts with dark breeches are also appropriate.
  • During hot weather, riders are encouraged to show without coats in the interest of their health.
  • Braiding is encouraged, but not required.
  • The following items of equipment are forbidden at VADA/Nova shows: Martingales; bearing or running reins; seat covers; and any form of blinkers are forbidden at a dressage show. Exceptions- the following items may only be used in warm-up areas: running martingales, bandages, boots and side reins.
  • All USEF permitted equipment, including whips, bits and spurs, must comply with USEF rules.
  • Ear nets are permitted in both indoor and outdoor rings and warm-ups.
  • Fly masks are not allowed.
  • Bareback riding is not allowed.
  • A rider should not be judged by anyone who has instructed him/her within the last 30 days. If you arrive at the show and find that your instructor has been substituted for the judge, notify the show manager and ask to ride hors concours, or don’t ride and receive full credit for your entry fees.
  • If you intend to bring a horse that is not competing onto the show grounds, this must be cleared with the show manager prior to the show date, and will be at her/his discretion. If permitted by the manager, you must bring a current negative Coggins test to the show grounds and present it to the manager upon your arrival and also pay a $30 non-compete fee. For more information see this page.
  • Lunging is prohibited in the warm-up arena: check with the show manager about where lunging is permitted on the show grounds.
  • Check your score before you leave the show grounds. Any scoring errors must be reported before you leave the show grounds. After that time,. no corrections can be made. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please note that classes do not always go in order, lowest to highest (e.g. Intro, Training, First, etc.). Classes at shows may be scheduled in any order throughout the day.
  • Classes may be split or combined depending on the number and distribution of entries.

Note: Classes do not always go in order, lowest to highest
(ex. Intro, Training, First, etc.) Classes at shows may be scheduled in any order throughout the day.

Show Etiquette

  • Be considerate to other riders in the warm-up area. Pass left shoulder to left shoulder and yield to those that are moving at faster gaits.
  • Be courteous to the judge and the show volunteers.
  • Should you need to excuse yourself from the ring during your test for any reason, make sure you ask for the judge’s permission prior to exiting.
  • Leave your trailer site clean; pick up all trash and manure.
  • Obey all of the rules of the facility where the show is held (example: No smoking, No dogs)