Show Pass Program

Show Pass

The VADA/Nova Show Pass is designed to encourage those individuals who wish to participate in VADA/Nova Schooling Shows and qualify for the VADA/Nova Schooling Show Championship without having to pay for full membership.

The pass will cost $20 a year and will entitle the holder to:

  • Compete at VADA/Nova Schooling Shows (March, November) for the same fee as VADA/Nova members
  • Compete at the VADA/Nova-managed VADA Chapter Challenge. Scores count as VADA/Nova scores for Championship Class qualification purposes.
  • Compete in Championship Classes at the VADA/Nova Schooling Show Championship provided all other qualifications are met.

Pass Holders WOULD NOT:

  • Be considered VADA/Nova or VADA members for any purpose
  • Become USDF GMO Members
  • Be eligible to compete as VADA/Nova team members at the VADA Chapter Challenge
  • Be eligible to participate in the VADA/Nova or VADA year-end awards program

At any time during the calendar year up until July 31, Show Pass holders may join VADA/Nova by paying the difference between the cost of a Non-Member Show Pass and a VADA/Nova membership. Once joined ALL scores earned by that person would count for purposes of VADA/Nova Year-end awards, and they would then be both a VADA and USDF Group Member. However, scores earned prior to the joining date would not be eligible for VADA year end awards, as the state association requires a person to be a member at the time the scores are earned for those scores to count for VADA (state) year-end awards