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2018 Board Of Directors & Associates

2018 Officers

President - Alison Head
Vice President - Diann Carpenter
Secretary - Diann Landau
Treasurer - Dilly Jackson

Board Members

To send email to our Board Members please send mail to:

Mary Callan
Diann Carpenter
Megan Carpenter
Jessie Ginsburg
Judy Grass
Anne Harrington
Alison Head
Dilly Jackson
Sheli King
Michelle Lachner
Diann Landau
Rachel Rice
Sally Summerall
Nancy Stover
Carol L. Thomas
Tiffany Turley

VADA/Nova Mailing Address

VADA/Nova, Inc.
PO Box 398
Hamilton, VA 20159


Judy Grass

Committees for 2017 (will be updated soon)

All Committees welcome VADA/Nova members as participants. Please call or write the chairs listed below to find out how you can help. Volunteer hours are offered for substantial committee work

Committee Chair listed in italics

Annual Awards Dinner - Diann Carpenter, Sheli King, Debbie Marriott.

Contracts - Diann Carpenter

Education & Clinics - Diann Carpenter, Jessie Ginsburg, Alison Head, Sheli King,
                                   Michelle Lachner, Debbie Marriott.

Elections and Surveys - Judy Grass, Barb Pickering.

Greenbook - Robin Dannels*.

IT, Website - Judy Grass

Social Media: Diann Carpenter

Licensed Shows - Diann Carpenter, Alison Head, Dilly Jackson, Sheli King, Michelle Lachner,
                              Nancy Stover, Diane Boyd*

  1. Judges: Alison Head
  2. Hospitality: Nancy Stover.

Membership - Barb Pickering

Newsletter - Rachel Rice.

  1. Member of the Month: Diann Landau, Debbie Marriott, Mary Callan, Laura Celia*

Ribbons & Prizes -Sheli King, Alison Head.

Schooling Shows -Diann Carpenter (Contracts), Jessie Ginsburg, Michelle Lachner, Carol Thomas, Renee Carter*, Leslie Raulin*.

Sponsorships - Alison Head, Sheli King, Dianne Boyd*.

Volunteer Recruiter/ Manager

  1. Recruiters: Donna Gatchell*, Kathy Bennett*, Debbie Marriott
  2. Managers: Michelle Lachner, Debbie Marriott.

Volunteer Tracking & Waivers: Michelle Lachner.

Year-End Awards -Barb Pickering.

           * Denotes non-Board member

Past Officers of VADA/Nova (1987-present)

VADA State Board Representatives


Jessie Ginsburg, Michelle King, Alison Head
alternate: Diann Carpenter